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Transparent I.V. Catheter Fixation Tape

Transparent with Label

Pu film carrier Light and thin. Grabs the body like a second skin. Protects the wound from the outer sources.
Transparent Pu fi lm carrier allows the visual control of the application area. This provides quicker response in case of any possible complications.
Hypoallergenic Hypoallergenic adhesive mass avoids any skin irritation
Waterproof Waterproof as of the characteristics of the carrier
Easy application Provides fast and easy application
With Label Eases the application.
Radiotransparent No need to take of to x-ray.
Sterile Sterilized by Gamma irradiation. Sterile unless the package is opened or damaged.

Item No Dimensions Quantity in one carton (pcs) Gross Weight of Carton (kg) Carton Volume (m3)
542 6 x 7cm 2000 6.00 kg 0.020