Sırasöğütler Mah.1685 Sk.No:17 Gebze/Kocaeli-Turkey

Surgical Transparent Plaster

Highly recommended for dialysis patients and to the applications where the monitoring of the skin is essential.

PE Transparent Carrier PE structure of the carrier protects the wound from water and other contamination.
Hypoallergenic Hypoallergenic adhesive mass avoids any skin irritation.
Porous Allows skin perspiration.
Transparent Allows the visibility of the scar and the skin.
Practical Allows easy tear in length and width.
Radiotransparent No need to take it off to x-ray.
Various Dimensions Available in different sizes and packagings.

Item No Dimensions Quantity in one carton (pcs) Gross Weight of Carton (kg) Carton Volume (m3)
127T 5m x 1.25cm 200 4.50 kg 0.022
128T 5m x 2.50cm 100 3.45 kg 0.018
129T 5m x 5cm 100 5.35 kg 0.022
137T 5m x 7.5cm 100 8.00 kg 0.042
130T 5m x 10cm 100 12.10 kg 0.047
127 TL 9.14m x 1.25cm 480 7.20 kg 0.022
128 TL 9.14m x 2.50cm 240 7.90 kg 0.022
129 TL 9.14m x 5cm 120 7.90 kg 0.022
130 TL 9.14m x 10cm 60 7.40 kg 0.022
127T-5H 5m x 1.25cm 576 10.00 kg 0.025
128T-5H 5m x 2.5cm 288 8.50 kg 0.025
129T-5H 5m x 5cm 144 6.50 kg 0.025