Sırasöğütler Mah.1685 Sk.No:17 Gebze/Kocaeli-Turkey

Surgical Elastic Plaster

For the retentions of instruments, Catheters, gauzes, wound dressings and compresses on frequently moved, joint parts of the body.

Elastic Nonwoven Carrier Elastic structure of the carrier allows easy application in joint areas of the body.
Hypoallergenic Hypoallergenic adhesive mass avoids any skin irritation.
Porous Allows skin perspiration.
Release Paper Provides easy cutting and easy application.
Radiotransparent No need to take it off to x-ray.
Various Dimensions Available in different sizes and packagings.

Item No Dimensions Quantity in one carton (pcs) Gross Weight of Carton (kg) Carton Volume (m3)
60 5m x 2.5cm 120 4.55 kg 0.028
61 5m x 5cm 120 2.75 kg 0.028
62 5m x 10cm 120 3.15 kg 0.056
63 10m x 2.5cm 240 2.36 kg 0.071
64 10m x 5cm 120 2.36 kg 0.055
65 10m x 10cm 60 2.36 kg 0.041
66 10m x 15cm 40 2.36 kg 0.048
67 10m x 20cm 40 2.36 kg 0.058